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Australijska Premiera

By Dariusz Buchowiecki 29th June, 2014


Krzysztof Kaczmarek, aktor rezyser dyrktor artystyczny teatru " Exit" opowiada o australijskiej premierze sztuki „The Suicide of Solitude .

"Samobojstwo samotnosci" jest tragikomedią poruszającą jakże aktualny temat samotności, która często prowadzi to próby samobójstwa. Akcja sztuki toczy się na dachu wielopiętrowego budynku, gdzie w dość dziwnych okolicznościach spotyka się dwójka nieznajomych. Ona (Elizabeth OCallaghan) - elegancka, dystyngowana kobieta, pod wpływem stresu postanawia rzucić się z dachu kończąc tym samym swoje mizerne życie. W tym samym czasie na dachu pojawia się On (Krzysztof Kaczmarek) - tajemniczy facet z pistoletem i ...... trupem. Wszystkiemu przygląda się para zwinnych kotów (SuhaSini Seelin i Dawid Kaczmarek). Przeskakując z gzymsu na gzyms próbują odgadnąć zamiary bohaterów komentując ich ruchy i zachowanie. Nie jest to jednak łatwe, gdyż w tej historii jest wiele niespodzianek i zawirowań.


The Suicide of Solitude | Exit Theatre


Written by Nic Velissaris   


Friday, 25 July 2014 15:43


Exit Theatre’s production of the Ukranian writer’s Neda Nejdana’s The Suicide of Solitude is full of ideas and possibilities all of which are explored throughout the play. A man, He (Kristof Kaczmarek) arrives on a roof dragging with him a dead body. Did he murder his victim? Before too long he is joined on the roof by a woman, She (Elizabeth O’Callaghan) a suicidal woman who intends to take her own life. Periodically their actions are interrupted by two cats in human form (wonderfully played by Dawid Kaczmarek and Suhasini Seelin) who provide a running commentary on the play’s events. What fate would have them arrive on the same rooftop at the same time is the mystery at the heart of Nejdana’s play.



Review - The Suicide of Solitude @ Exit Theatre


Submitted by Martin Fitzgerald on Tuesday, 22nd Jul 2014


The image Melbournians are nowadays likely to have of the Ukraine is of protest mobs beset by baton-wielding police and teargas grenades, of demagogues and bombs and mortars, of billowing clouds of black smoke and smouldering fuselage and rotting corpses. In the arts, last year’s touring production of Minsk 2011: A Reply to Kathy Acker from neighbouring Belarus seemed to confirm the impression that life in that part of the world is nasty and brutish. The Suicide of Solitude, written by Ukranian playwright Neda Nejdana in 2003,is having its first outing in the Anglo world this winter – more gloom, the title seems to suggest.

The play opens with cats prowling on an urban rooftop. A she-cat (Suhasini Seelin) and a he-cat (Dawid Kaczmarek) are out and about on a full-moon night. All night they wait, like Didi and Gogo, for the other-who-never-comes. Instead they are treated to a succession of strange spectacles: a man (Krystof Kaczmarek) appears, struggling to drag a body out onto the roof and then setting up technical equipment. Shortly after him follows a woman (Elizabeth O’Callaghan), incongruously elegantly attired and seemingly intending to jump to her end. The man intervenes, at first to talk the woman out of suicide and, beyond that, to engage her in conversations that veer off again and again in increasingly odd directions. Recrimination and accusation, threats, interrogation, confession, philosophising, poetry, romancing, wavering, regret, declarations, and more are phases of the interaction between the two. In addition to the body (dummy? corpse?), sundry unforseen factors come into play – an injury, a hidden key, a rainstorm, a deadly weapon, voiceover announcements, even a UFO – each contributing to both further the intentions of the characters and to frustrate them. And intermittently we hear the reactions and speculations of the cats as a kind of Greek chorus, running in parallel to the discussions of the humans with open acknowledgement of the franker, baser motives, as you might expect of alleycats.





This was a well acted play but a little wacky in content



It was OK.



The acting was great, enjoyed the characters, but the story line were lacking anything interesting.

Weekend Notes

To End or Not To End

by Sue Stevenson


It's not always easy to know whether a middling theatre experience is due to taste - one woman's meat 'n all that. Sometimes you also have to wonder whether your ever-so-slight disappointment is anything other than the fact that your brainfogged noggin with its cotton wool interior has made you a bit stupid this evening. Or perhaps you are indeed stupid. But let's not go there.


It's not that I thought this play was bad, or that it didn't provoke thought, or that the performances were shoddy, It's just that I was left with wondering whether there was not only something I'd missed due to my own neurocrap but that there was something lost in translation, in the first Australian production of this tragicomedy by Ukrainian playwright Neda Nejdana.

Mountain Views Mail

On edge with rooftop tragifarce

Posted on 22 July 2014.



EXIT Theatre’s latest production is rolling on until next month, and the Mail has three double passes to give away to Friday night’s show.
The Suicide of Solitude, a “tragifarce” production, is currently being performed by the local theatre troupe at Rochford Winery in Healesville.
Set on a rooftop in the middle of the night, the main characters – He and She (played by Kristof Kaczmarek and Elizabeth O’Callaghan – meet after She stands on the ledge of the roof, and contemplates ending her life.The two discuss suicide, love, deception and a range of other subjects, as the audience slowly watches their stories develop and their backgrounds come into the light. The pair are watched by two cats, played by Dawid Kaczmarek and Suhasini Seelin, who also contemplate the motives of the characters and speculate on what is yet to occur.

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