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Exit Theatre Inc, situated in Yarra Valley, is a young theatre company that promotes innovative complex plays focusing on human relationships, absurd situations, beliefs and the pursuit of the meaning of life. Productions of Exit Theatre often reflect issues that relate to community and family needs. While focusing mainly on contemporary European plays, with a strong accent on Polish dramaturgy, Exit Theatre also enjoys classics by Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Gombrowicz, or modern Australian work.


The company’s aim is to create a connection between regional Victoria and Melbourne as ell as to build a strong network of artistic people who are able to provide a dynamic and stimulating theatrical contribution, culminating in high quality performances. In its productions, Exit Theatre underlines the multiculturalism of Australian stage. Its artistic director - Kristof Kaczmarek relates to his Polish roots by producing Polish plays, presenting Polish poetry to Australian audiences and promoting Polish school of acting.


Despite being situated in regional Victoria, Exit Theatre is lucky to co-operate with Melbourne based artists, as well as theatres like La Mama or Theatreworks. In near future its plans are to extend its endeavours to other Melbourne venues.


Exit Theatre Inc. received five awards in June 2007 from the GemCo One Act Play Festival: Best Youth Male, Best Youth Female, and Best Youth production, Judges for the Set and Costumes, and the Judges Award for Best Physicality. 
It was also awarded in the Victorian Drama League Awards in October 2008, with Goodbye Judas for the best translated script.

Our plans include developing the group by encouraging more members for all aspects of the theatre production. Our aim is to bring or involve local artists to increase the quality of the productions – theatre is not only acting; it is the sets, costumes, music. We will be looking for any volunteers to help us increase local awareness of theatre, but also participate in the creation of illusion and reality.



Kristof (Krzysztof) Kaczmarek

Artistic Director

Our People...

Alan Ashby

Marcin Kruk

Maria Nath

Mitch Achten

All creative people involved in our productions

Artistic Director: Kistof Kaczmarek

secretary: Beata Kaczmarek

TREASURER: Suhasini Seelin

DRAMATURG: Nick Velissaris

PUBLICIST: Beata Kaczmarek
VIDEOGRAPHER: Billy Minshull-Gardner



Matt Lancaster

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