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On the House


The Suicide of Solitude

This July, Rochford Wines at Yarra Valley is hosting Exit Theatre Inc. with it's latest production of “The Suicide of Solitude” by Neda Nejdana – an award winning Ukrainian playwright, Head of the Confederation of Ukrainian Playwrights, and an activist. “The Suicide of Solitude” represents the conventions and experimentalism of modern European theatre and is listed among the ten best European contemporary plays in the catalogue of the best plays ETC-2012. Directed by Kristof Kaczmarek, Artistic Director of Exit Theatre Inc, the play opens on 11th July and runs over four weekends till 3rd August 2014.

“The Suicide of Solitude” teeters on the border of tragedy and farce. The play deals with one of the essential issues of our modern society: suicide as a result of isolation (whether intentional or imposed) and loss of meaning of life. Yet, it allows the audience to choose the ending. The kaleidoscopic events (rescue, assault, murder investigation) provoke anticipation, laughter, fear and hope. SHE (Elizabeth O’Callaghan) – a distressed and elegantly-dressed woman is ready to jump off the roof of a nine storey building. Her intentions are interrupted by HIM (Kristof Kaczmarek)– a mysterious man with a gun and… a dead body. Is he going to persuade her not to jump? Or maybe the HUMAN CATS (Suhasini Seelin and Dawid Kaczmarek), that happen to be having a Celebration of the full moon on the roof, will do so.

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