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This is IT. In APRIL 2007 you have a chance to see the first independent production by EXIT THEATRE. This time Exit Theatre presents an award-winning two-act drama “The Fly Guardian” by R. Figura, a young talented Polish playwright and script writer of a new generation, already staged in theatres of Europe.


“The Fly Guardian” represents realistic drama of an easy to follow structure, but with hidden meanings behind its simplicity. It is set in an old ramshackle shop, a place where formerly a band of gypsies was located. Now it is nothing more but a rubbish tip. In the middle of old clothes, broken objects, we see an old man – busy talking to flies. This is his whole life, amongst the rubbish and old memories. It’s been like that for 10 years…


At first, the action seems to be the one from a gangster movie – a violent, arrogant young man enters the room and challenges the old. But the old is stronger as he represents the experience and wisdom; he seems to be omniscient and powerful as God Himself.  This allegory to the Father All Mighty, in fact, directs us to themes of existence, philosophical pursuit of happiness, love, understanding and forgiveness. Another production of EXIT THEATRE to disturb.

“The Fly Guardian” casts two professional actors STEVE GOME (appearing in the productions of Melbourne Playback Theatre, Melbourne Writers’ Theatre, and other co-productions since 1996; known for his parts in The Real Thing, Psychic, The Alive Tribe and Mercury, also a teacher, director) and KRISTOF KACZMAREK (presently an Artistic Director of Exit Theatre, best known for his lead part in The Sound of One Hand Clapping, Clean; appearing in TV series as Stingers, Blue Heelers, State Coroner etc.; staging and appearing in over 30 professional  theatre productions, both Australia and Poland); and an amateur actor TRAVIS JEFFERY (a young talented actor from freshly formed EXIT THEATRE; already performed in a few productions of Yarra Valley Youth Theatre Group; FAT in “Out at Sea” by S. Mrozek and Bottom  in Midsummer Night’s Dream


Reviews from VIC

Stage whispers July-August 2007 Vol.16 no4,pg64/65


The lonely old man who lives in a haunted, disused gypsy shop has no better company than the flies that dwell with him. He feeds and nurtures them and even lays claim to ownership. He is not entirely alone however because the ghose of his dead wife watches over him.

National articles

Stage whispers May/Jun edition 2007 Vol 16 No3 Pg 19-20


We are a newly formed community based theatre company. Exit Theatre, under the auspices of Yarra Valley Arts Council. The first production of “The Fly Guardian”, took place in Healesville Memorial Hall on 19th April 2007. This was a huge success and augers well for future shows. Exit theatre has emerged from the Yarra Valley Youth Theatre Group.

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