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The fly guardian

Exit theatre

Well, what an interesting experience.


This play was written by Radoslaw Figura, buthas been translated from Polish to English.

The lonely old man who lives in a haunted, disused gypsy shop has no better company than the flies that dwell with him. He feeds and nurtures them and even lays claim to ownership. He is not entirely alone however because the ghose of his dead wife watches over him.

A young ex convict, and through him, the ex convict’s brother, enter the old mans life and make a big impression.

Kristof Kaczmarek acted the part of the old man. (Kristof is also the director of the company)His did an excellent job and it was very evident that his extensive past experience in acting has stood him in god stead.

The young ex convict was played by Trevis Jeffey. He displayed willingness and enthusiasm but will need a lot more exposure in acting to refine his acting ability.

Steve Gome as the brother, and Becky Le as Maria, the ghost performed well.

Whilst it was an enlightening drama, it was once again sad to note that unacceptable and unpalatable language is written into the script. So many people attend shows for a bit of culture and to get away from the language they hear in their daily lives.

Exit Theatre company is new to the Yarra Ranges. There are a number of supportive people including the director’s wife, Beata Kaczarek, and this should help make the company a success. They can feel confident in their performance, if one judges from the size of the audience on opening night.

Stage whispers

July-August 2007

Vol.16 no4,pg64/65

National articles

From Medieval Poland to the Yarra Valley

In the January,February issue of Stage Whispers, we brought you the story be Michael Socha of Kristor Kaczmarek. Now we have pleasure in telling you about his new theatre company called ‘Exit’  Editor

Exit Theatre. Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne.

We are a newly formed community based theatre company. Exit Theatre, under the auspices of Yarra Valley Arts Council. The first production of “The Fly Guardian”, took place in Healesville Memorial Hall on 19th April 2007. This was a huge success and augers well for future shows. Exit theatre has emerged from the Yarra Valley Youth Theatre Group. It is a theatre of wide ranging styles of performances including drama. Comedies and cabaret, which will involve youth and adult actors both amateur and professional. Our purpose is to stage good quality productions for the enioyment of the local community as well as to provide comprehensive theatrical training with a fully qualified Artistic Director- Kristof Kaczmarek(known for his lead role in The Sound of One Hand Clapping) for youth and adults. It will provide experiences which will build individual confidence and promote personal development, and support the transition of youth into adult theatre.

Exit theatre will encourage growth of a theatre culture in Healesville which will provide the immediate and surrounding communities with opportunities to experience variety of performance, styles. Such a theatre, with good quality productions, once exablished, will be a draw card for tourism but most of all, it would be a great benefit to the community. Until now people who want to see any theatre have to travel. To have such an option in your own town, knowing it is an interesting theater with challenging productions, could only be a benefit to everyone in Healesville, as well as surrounding towns. Ferntree Gully has one, Upwey has one, and Lilydale, why not us?

We believe that the challenge we are undertaking is an excellent opportunity for the Yarra Valley to develop the vision as a cultural Mecca and tourist destination. It can slow be beneficial for local business-the more is happening in town the more people are drawn th Healesville and surrounds, the more promotion the Yarra Valley has.

Stage whispers

May/Jun edition 2007

Vol 16 No3

Pg 19-20

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