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Neda Nezhdana (Nadia Miroshnychenko) born in 1971 in  Donetsk Region (Ukraine). A playwright, culturologist, art critic and translator, she graduated from the Art School of Kiev (1982-1986), the Institute of Foreign Languages of Kiev (French philology, 1988-1993) and the Mohyla Academy of Kiev (culturology, 1992-1995). She was studying at the School of Anatoliy Diachenko Center of Modern Experimental Dramaturgy.

Neda also  worked as the journalist, head of the department of theater in the magazine "Cinema-Theater" (Kino-Teatr), dramaturg in the theatre “Kyiv”, director, screenwriter and screenwriting editor, co-founder of theatrical website "Virtep". Since 2001 she has been working at the National Centre of Theatrical Art Less Kourbass as researcher (drama of XX-XXI centuries), and since 2006 - leader of  the department of Drama projects of dramatic projects, including online libraries, publishing the anthologies of plays, scientific conferences, readings, master classes, lectures and others. She is also one of founders of the independent Kiev theater "MIST”.

Neda is the author of two collections of poetry and a very successful playwright with her plays being translated and staged in many countries of Europe.  In all, Neda Nezhdana wrote 18 original plays and 7 ones based on the prose, the main ones being The Eleventh Commandment, or the Night of Buffoons (1995), But I‘ll Betray You After All (1996), He Who Opens the Door (1998), Honore, and Where‘s Balzac? (1999), The Whimsical Messalina (2000), The Next to Last Judgment Day, or the Holiday of Dead Leaves (2001), A Million Little Parachutes (2002), The Suicide of Loneliness (2003), When the Rain Returns (2004), The Return to Never (2007), "Agreement with an angel” (2010), Lost fugitives (2013) "Voice of quiet abyss" ( 2012), Journey in virtuland (2013).

Many times she has been prizewinner and laureate of art festivals. She won the prize of Petro Kravets, Grant of President of Ukraine, winner of the art competitions (StArt , "Coronation of the word ", "Smoloskyp", " Kiev Pectoral", Biennial of Contemporary Art).

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