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EXIT THEATRE returns to the stage with  THE PROPOSAL - a one-act comedy by A. Chekhov.  The Russian playwright had a sharp eye for the human psyche. The characters he created not only painted a picture of his peers but dealt with human interactions and emotions that continue to be relevant today. This is why, at first glance, his plays and stories seem so common and natural, almost nothing special, and yet so universally applied after deep analysis and thought. Without any falsification, Chekhov uncovers the real face of a character, a real humanity with all its faults and virtues.


THE PROPOSAL is set in the country. Lomov, a healthy but hypochondrical landowner, comes to propose to Natalyia Stepanovna. She is the daughter of his neighbour,  Choobukov, whose only aim is to have Natalyia married before she is too old. Unfortunately, the prospects of a future marriage may be ruined by a huge quarrel over trivialities such as the quality of the hunting dogs they own.


It presents characters (like all Chekhov comedies) in volatile situations which make them express the emotions and behaviors which are usually hidden.


THE PROPOSAL will be performed by the young amateur actors of EXIT THEATRE (Meg Hamilton, Travis Jeffery and Billy Minshull-Gardner) under the Artistic Direction – Kristof Kaczmarek, a veteran of the stage; though directing Chekhov for the first time. The play is very challenging for the young amateur actors and requires a detailed study of the characters along with a high level of acting skill, which they presented already in July 2007 when staging the Chekhov in Healesville.

Stage photography

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