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Country Mouse and City Mouse - Scriptwriting Competition 2015


February 21, 2015




We are thrilled to announce 

the 2nd edition of Scriptwriting Competition



Country Mouse and City Mouse


In the fable of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse, two mice see how the other half lives, with each one deciding that their lot in life is better. Living in the country or in a rural or regional area is often misunderstood by those who live in the city and vice versa. 


This year, Exit Theatre is looking for writers to explore the theme of what it means to live in the country and to celebrate its difference from life in the city. We’re looking for plays that express what makes life in the country so exciting, frightening, tough or joyous. We’re also interested in stories that look at the differences between country and city and promote how life in one affects or impacts life in the other. They can be stories that consider your place, the land or simply tell a good story that has never been told before. 


Is the Country Mouse or the City Mouse better off?

What happens when the City Mouse moves to the country?

What happens when the Country Mouse moves to the city?


Living in Australia is there really such a divide between the urban metropolis and life in the country? Tell us a story about these differences or one that talks about the things that both places have in common. Your play can be about anything as long as it directly addresses this theme.





Best of luck and we look forward to reading your submissions.


The Exit Theatre Team

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