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This time, after a year of break,  Exit Theatre appears on stage with one of the most interesting works of Ireneusz Iredynski “Goodbye Judas.”  The play was translated from Polish by Kristof Kaczmarek and Dickon Oxenbourgh (writer/ actor/ teacher) from Polish in late 80s.


Iredynski’s main inspiration for Goodbye Judas lies in turmoil of Post War II Poland but the plot of the play could have happened anywhere in the world and not so long ago – it has very current relevance. Life in post war was a sequence of extremes; political, philosophical and passionate, yet the thesis of the play – that the struggle for dominance between rival power blocks, leaves the individuals powerless – is just as prominent to modern Australia. Goodbye Judas draws on our ingrained hatred of traitors, casting back to the Judas of the Gospels – to the man pre-ordained to betrayal, but the Judas from our play is a faithful servant, withstanding torture and humiliation for the sake of the Movement.” And till the end, he stays true to his own humanity and decency. Another important plot of the play is Judas’ relationship with the “pale girl” – half-starved, fragile creature hovering on the boundaries of reality.

The play is written in most interesting manner with the majority of the action happening before the last act. This makes for an unexpected climax  - typical for all productions of Exit Theatre. Performed by Theresa Moolenschot, Travis Jeffery, Paul Stephens  alongside  professional actors  – Kristof Kaczmarek & Adrian Mulraney in Memorial 


Kristof Kaczmarek

Stage photography

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