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Down an Alley Filled with Cats.


Exit Theatre Inc. presents the award winning play, Down an Alley Filled with Cats. A mystery about a ceramic vase, a red carnation, old books and good old-fashioned cat-and-mouse games.

Written by Playwright/Director/Actor Warwick Moss, Down an Alley Filled with Cats is an exciting night out at the theatre where nothing is what it seems to be and there is a twist around every corner. 


The play is set in a cluttered bookstore in Sydney and centred around two characters—bookstore proprietor Timothy Timoney (Kristof Kaczmarek) and Simon Matthews (Ben Nicholas, of Neighbours fame), a patron looking for a particular rare book. Through odd circumstances, the two get locked in the bookstore overnight and begin a tentative conversation that progresses throughout the night from mutual discoveries to hot clues, cold trails and red herrings.


“A pleasant mystery that provides an entertaining evening” - Patti Roberts (Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre production 2005)


Kristof Kaczmarek
Ben Nicholas


Stage photography

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