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Aboriginal poetry and legendary tales night


Tonight’s show is a loose selection of poems by an award-winning indigenous poet Kath Walker and of aboriginal legendary tales. The initial simplicity of the poems attracted our attention. With the time, however, we found the second layer of meaningful thoughts and ideas that we try to bring out. We hope that the audience will be mesmerized by the so-called “simplicity” but, at the same time, complexity of the poems and tales. In a way, they can give us an insight to indigenous Australians culture and way of thinking.



ryland brown

meg hamilton

mitch hannaford

travis jeffery

matt lancaster

jessica lawther

billy minshull

tessa smith




Most of the cast has been involved in theatre productions for about two years (mostly with Yarra Valley Youth Theatre Group).They all are students of high schools (aged between 13-18); still young but full of potential and passion for theatre, which can be observed in the work they put into this demanding show.


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