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Poetry Love


Exit Theatre will take you on a journey through the poetic world of love and relationship. The rich and deep words of poetry relate to the first love, romance, fascinations, expectations and failures. They talk about the beginnings, the struggle, the passion and loss of the loved ones. This subtle, carefully chosen poetry from different parts of the world is presented by highly accomplished actor John Wood (the multiple winner of TV Loggies), Kristof Kaczmarek (The Sound of One Hand Clapping), SuhaSini Seelin, and uplifted by the sound of the piano played by multiple award-winning Konrad Olszewski (well-known to Ruby’s patrons).

Join us on the journey, lose yourself in the world of love, poetry and music, and reflect on your own personal experiences.

Kristof Kaczmarek
Suhasini Seelin


John Wood
Konrad Olszewski


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