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An Interview with Neda Nejdana

Neda NEZHDANA: “We are interesting to the world primarily for our original face”

Vadym Lubchak 19 June, 2012

Open talk about why plays of our contemporaries can be so rarely seen on Ukrainian stage

At the present time Neda Nezhdana is one of the most active playwrights: her plays were staged 65 times in various theaters of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Armenia, and the US. She actively supports her fellow playwrights and has a clear civic position, particularly, she criticizes the government for a policy of destroying modern theater and academic theaters – for absence of alternative. The Day spoke with Nezhdana about the challenges faced by modern theater at present time. The interview took place in the theater-studio “Mist” after the performance Suicide of Solitude (tragicomedy for 13 steps, one pause, and one fall).... Read more

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